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The male member, or penis.
I have a weird rash on my vaguyna, thank God for Penicillin!
by Harrison Bergeron August 19, 2005
A penis. A play on words, mimicking the term "vagina".
That girl is a huge slut, she loves to rock the vaguyna.
by Harrison Bergeron June 28, 2006
a more sensible yet less commonly known word than mangina, but the two words mean virtually the same thing. achieved by a male tucking his penis back between his legs, thus resembling a vagina from a frontal view.
person 1: when we went streaking the other day i tucked my peepee between my legs and made a vaguyna and hopped around and everyone who saw me thought i was a masculine chick!
person 2: dont you mean mangina?
person 1: no silly, vaguyna!
by rieyin April 22, 2010
A term for a male who is acting like a woman, or a whiny, emotional male. This term refers to their lack of manhood without directly stating they have female genitalia.
Bob has such a Vaguyna, he cried the last time he saw Grey's Anatomy.
by Jvandy January 18, 2009
a guy that acts like such a little teenage girl you would swear that he must have a vagina
warren chased me down and cornered me at the shop to see why no one would talk to him ,what a vaguyna
by jhwdld November 12, 2006
A vaguyna is a vagina which also has a penis coming out of it.
Man, I looked into her pants, and she had a huuuuuuge vaguyna!
by SpencerJayRushNess May 14, 2006
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