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when a girl wheres pants too high, so that the waist of the pants is over the bottom part of her stomach, to form an area between the vagina and stomach known as the vagumach. you can see this on many college girls who have already surpassed the muffin top, and who are now onto bigger and better things.
Nice vagumach, thanks for commin!
by Joe Koebs May 03, 2006
22 7
When a person's gut hangs down so far, or there is a lot of fat in the bladder area, causing a Vagumach.
Trishelle: Why does her jeans go like that? It looks like she's preggerz!
Sarah: Trust me, she's not.
Trishelle: How do you know that's not an unborn fetus?
Sarah: Cause it's her Vagumach.
by Sarah McNasty February 19, 2009
21 8
1.) When the lard of the stomach conquers the vaginal area and they become one disgusting mess.

2.) This disaster area is often referred to as a fupa or a gunt.
That beast of a woman has a vagumach where her vag and stomach used to be before she ate her weight in McFoods for a year.
by The Terrible One March 09, 2009
13 2
When a heavy set woman's stomach and her vagina meet at the same point.

"Dam, look at that girl's Vagumach!!"
by The bookaneer test January 08, 2012
2 0