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A very healthy, clean, delicious pussy comparable to vegetables, a common necesity needed to stay healthy.
Always eat your vagtables!
by arel May 13, 2007
A vegetable that you can put in your vagina instead of a dildo

Carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, etc
Those dykes are so poor they use vagtables
by Kaytlinnn September 30, 2008
A funny name for vaginas, eaten like vegetables.
Did you eat your vagtables today?
by mannnnng December 29, 2007
a form of some fungus growing on a girls vagina, either smaelling very unpleasant, and looking quite mangled. Usually a result of poor hygene, or not cleaning.
Jen had some weird vagtables growing on her coochie.
by harrison tal September 22, 2007

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