( vāj - stağ) noun, verb, adjective. The act of completely "poning" or "destroying" an adversary to the point that they look soft and slow; Something that is really awesome for one party, but usually bad for another.
John: what the hell! Did you see that car explode?!

Alex: Yea dude, that was totally vag-stag!


Paul: nice kill dude, you're totally frying these kids!

Davis: yea dude, it's total vag-stag.
by ďř.mxp¥ January 16, 2011
Top Definition
1. A woman who has not had sexual intercourse for a long period of time, in essence her vagina has become stagnant.
Hey dude look at Veronica, she just got back from an all-girls school she must be super vagstag.
by Hero of the Kingdom December 22, 2010
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