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when a female person takes a piss outside in sub zero temperatures and the pee freezes like an icicle from her vag.
while camping in Alaska Lauren found herself without a bathroom. she went to relieve her bladder out in the snow and to her horror a vagsicle formed.
by Sarah Jean Z. May 26, 2008
when its so cold you have icicles form in your vagina cold i got out vagsicles!

Global warming is a sham, and I have the vagsicles to prove it!
by tommmay April 13, 2010
A frozen severed penis or dildo that is then inserted into the vagina like a popsicle.
"Hey honey, would you be a dear and grab my Vagsicle from the freezer? I'm feeling a little frisky."
by Shiftydouche77 March 14, 2014
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