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vaglard is a great fun word me and a mate made up in a chat room. it was to describe the fatty lardy bit around a fat vagina.

the puffy fat bit that giggles around your vagina and can sag and hang.

granny vag lard looks like huge meat bags hanging over the vagina area and down the legs.
omg i can that chciks vaglard, dear your vag lard is showing, is that a cammel toe in your pants or are you vaglarding,

use as an insult you pile of vaglard

use as a lube just cram some vaglard up there

use as a name for your vagina im playing with me vag lard

go ahead say it out loud vag-lard its the newest funnest word to hit the english langue this year.
by jim of bob and hawkfan March 05, 2011