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the zodiac sign of the universal vagina.
ALSO born in the same month as sagittarius
it also guides through pains such as vaginal yeast infections, trichominosis, vaginal odors and discharges.
dude my sign is vagittarius and I am getting some every night!
#vagittarius #sagittarius #vagina #yeast infection #vagtastic
by DickWeed8---D March 14, 2008
a pseudo-zodiac sign combining virgo and sagittarius. used to poke fun, throw off and degrade astrologers or acquaintances who ask your sign.
dumbass: i can tell a lot about a person by his/her sign! what is yours?
me: I'm a vagittarius, that shit is so stupid.
#pseudo-science #negative hit #neutralizer #joke #take away
by jvortex October 04, 2005
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