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An extreme women's rights activist.
"Cindy, a Vagithug, castrated the mayor to protest sexism."
by Ken March 16, 2003
20 2

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Term used for a typical militant, man hating, short haired lesbian.
A: That guy over there is looking for a fight!
B: Guy?! Man, that is a vagithug! We better get out of here before she calls in her friends.
by Randy Lahey May 08, 2005
6 0
1. one who intercepts, interrupts or otherwise interferes with a woman's attempts at sex, the way a cock blocker interferes with a man's. Can be of any gender.
Susie was totally going to score with Kyle, until Kerry the vagithug showed up and ruined everything.
by Ella Bean June 16, 2008
1 5