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To be agitated by something only a female would do!
Cell phone rings...
Man 1: Hello
Man 2: hey dude, what us!
Man 1: I'm waiting for "Female" to get ready so we can go out!
Man 2: oh shit, that's gotta suck!
Man 1: I've never been so "vagitated" in my life!
Man 2: I feel your pain man!
by Redwings Addict January 19, 2009
1. when someone of the male gender is complaining like a little school girl

2. a man who has female tendencies
so you and a co-worker are trying to get a job done and all he does is cry about how difficult it is. thats when i would say whats wrong buddy are you vagitated do you need a tampon to soak up all that leaking you mangina is doing
by shoosterjama July 30, 2009
1.wen a woman is suffering from pms....possibly a safer term to used around them

2. a hissy fit, whingers etc
she is so vagitated...so is he
by seamonkeys October 24, 2008