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to irritate the vagina, usually due to excessive copulation
My man was so drunk last night, he just kept fucking me but wouldn't cum. He didn't please me at all, in fact all he really did was vagitate me...
by pornhorn50 January 11, 2010
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Verb: Irrational behavior as observed during feminine menstruation. Usually observed in men acting moody or emotional like women during their period.
"There he goes again, Jamey sure can vagitate like a bitch off Midol."
by Ryan Reynolds August 21, 2007
verb, -tat•ed, -tat•ing.

For men, the progressive and aggressive move or force into violent, irregular action resultant from a conversation with a woman.

A term whose origination is best derived from the “failure to communicate” syndrome depicted in “Cool Hand Luke” and John Gray’s book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus”
Husband: "My wife vagitated me so much last night that I pushed her into the closet".
by DrMikeman November 15, 2010
anyone acting and or resembling a vagina
"You're being a damn vagitate, Tiz!!"
by Polar Bur October 14, 2003
To relax, drink alcoholic beverages, or enjoy cock in a "raging" environment. (see also raging)
Nah, I am not gonna go out tonight. I am just gonna stay in and vagitate I think.
by Lauren L and Liz W March 18, 2003
To relax, drink alcoholic beverages and enjoy cock.
Vagitating with your girlfriends is good fun on the weekends or weekdays.
by Lauren L and Liz W March 17, 2003

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