one who keeps to a strick cunt diet
im a vagitarian and im hungary
by leor May 14, 2003
a person with a shiny chin
by butter October 10, 2003
eats only pussy and no other "parts"
males should be the only vagitarian in life, and ONLY a vagitarian
by MYKILL A October 03, 2005
A Lesbian, most known for indulging in the vaggies.
Obviously, she is a Vagitarian.
by Fatguyinalittlecoat December 02, 2004
a person who eats only turkey sandwiches, steamed clam and fish tacos. when this person isnt eating she is cooking. by cooking i mean tossing salad
the vagitarian is eating a turkey sandwich everytime i see her.
by Kaz Moses March 31, 2004
That vagitarian was licking pussy.
by Moe Lester November 16, 2002
Someone who is vegetarian and is a whiny pussy about it.
Aziz is a total vagitarian. See below:
"Aziz, stop being such a vagitarian and eat a fucking steer!"
by Joshua Matthew Carp VI May 25, 2006

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