a lesbian who doesn't eat meat
Ellen offered her wife a steak, Porsche declined stating that she was a vagitarian
by Bump-n-Grind February 01, 2010
a man/woman who is so sex obsessed that they do not eat or sleep, they are a vagitarian.
dude you wanna grab a pizza ?

nahh these days I'm a vagitarian. laters
by rozzflower May 25, 2011
a lesbian, a woman who will not partake in penis-play.
shannon dated dudes in high school, but ever since college she's a vagitarian.
by mjjg October 12, 2007
A vegetarian whose sexual preference is women.
There are a lot of vagitarians in the Gayborhood.
by babyjade914 February 12, 2011
a lesbian that also happens to be a vegitarian
she is a vagitarian and only eats veggies and vag.
by zachrey May 12, 2008
He who only eats hairy pie, fur burgers and the occasional fish supper
by cracky March 01, 2003
one who keeps to a strick cunt diet
im a vagitarian and im hungary
by leor May 14, 2003

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