(n.) a individual who strictly limits their dietary intake to the consumption of vagina
Wow, I thought Connie Lingus was a vegetatiran but it turns out she's actually a vagitarian.
by Alain Luc June 12, 2009
A lesbian. A girl who doesn't like 'meat.'
Can be shortened to 'Vaggie.'
"Ellen Degeneres is a massive vagitarian"
"Man I want to watch a pair of vagitarians"
"Molly is a vaggie, she doesn't like salami/pork sword/meat or two veg"
by porksword007 June 09, 2009
ie: Lesbian
Tom: "Wow that chick is so hot she's a 9.9."

Chris: "Dude you don't have a chance that pussy there is a Vagitarian."
by Brunnaman April 18, 2009
A lesbian.
That woman in the pickup truck was certainly a vagitarian
by Verona-ATW March 31, 2009
someone who only eats vag, man. vagina. lesbians.
that vagitarian only likes fish tacos.
by cuntywhore February 20, 2009
a sexual diet consisting of nothing but vagina. a half bisexual who although born a try sexual has made the life style choice of climbing back into the orphus from where they came.
I'm an orgasmic vagitarian!
by Leiforama August 14, 2008
One who has never experienced and does not wish to experience male intimacy.
After seeing Tom leaving the hotel with another man, Carmela reported Tom was not a vagitarian.
by Brenjamin April 28, 2007

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