One whose diet consists of only vaginas.
Bob: Suck it!
Kristy: Sorry im a strict vagitarian.
by Tyler Stark May 15, 2008
Someone who only eats vagina's.
Bob is a vagitarian.
by Jesse Nehring February 13, 2008
slang term for lesbian (comes from a combination of vagina and the suffix from vegitarian => also a play on words)
Jane is a total vagitarian.
by JL Anderson November 28, 2007
Someone whose diet consists entirely of vagina. Could also be someone who refuses to eat cock (and everything else), obtaining all of their nutrients from their vagina diet.

Their reasoning could be that they believe that cocks (and everything else) have rights too, or that they simply only like the taste of vage.
Akon: hey stephanie do you think anyone could survive off only vagina?
Stephie: maybee, they'd be really skinny
Akon: sooo Lindsay Lohan isn't anorexic? she's just a vagitarian?
Stephie: yep
by Akon and Stephie February 04, 2007
A person whose preference is Vagina as opposed to cock
I can't be gay, cos I'm a Vagitarian!
by Lincth Fwee Pweth August 11, 2006
An individual that derives great epicurian delight from lingual contact with the female wedding vegetable (otherwise known as the vagina, verginny, vagalicious, pussy, puta and other scatalogical terms).
"Yo, dude (or "sistah," as appropriate) - I hear you a VAGITARIAN! Whassup with that?" "Well, my man (or "sistah" as appropriate), issa BEST THANG you can eat!"
by dessicated etymologist October 07, 2011
A female who will not allow meat to pass her lips and favours the sensible shoe.
That girl in the club last night was gorgeous but it turns out she's a vagitarian.
by FreeflyAndy September 06, 2011
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