To only date/hook up with girls that do not have beef curtains
Jim: I want to set up Todd with Jill
Bob: It will never work, I've dated Jill, she has crazy beef curtains
Jim: So?
Bob: Todd is a strict Vagitarian. He won't even contemplate it
by Busty Larue June 23, 2015
A synonym for a man who is heterosexual.
Hey, I may like watching "Will & Grace" but I am a total vagitarian! I'm serious!
by Skwisgaar999 July 23, 2008
A girl who only likes other girls No twigs or berries.
She wont like you Steve, she's a vagitarian!
by kris1 September 20, 2005
Someone who has a diet of ONLY eating out of girls vaginas.
I don't eat food from a plate, I'm a full-out Vag-itarian
by Dom_344 March 19, 2011
A person who prefers/eats vagina.

like a vegetarian but with vagina instead of squash

A lesbian
"hey wanna go back to my house and get a bite to eat? im a vagitarian"
by Tomsotyyo October 23, 2009
A politically correct term for lesbianism.
Wow, I have never been so turned on, that vagitarian couple in the next row from us are so hot!
by mclovin41973 October 22, 2009
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