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someone who eats alot of vagina
That guy is such a vagitarian...he went down on me FIVE TIMES last night!
by Mara B. August 09, 2005
Strictly liking or licking vagina.
Gay guy: Can I toss your salad?

Strait Guy: Sorry dude, I'm strictly a vagitarian.
by Vagina guy January 10, 2010
A man who only has sex with females.
Ever since I discovered squirters, I'm a bigger vagitarian than ever now.
by $hIti0T July 05, 2014
Anyone, straight or gay, who likes to "Dine at the 'Y'".
Yeah man, I was down there for half an hour, I'm a total Vagitarian!

Yep, those two chicks there, total Vagitarians. Hey sister!
by Dozer42 June 30, 2012
A synonym for a man who is heterosexual.
Hey, I may like watching "Will & Grace" but I am a total vagitarian! I'm serious!
by Skwisgaar999 July 23, 2008
Slang term for a lesbian, referring to a womans penchant for performing cunnilingus
KD Lang is a Vagitarian
by XC-Q July 10, 2008
Any person having an oral fixation towards a female.
Rhonda loves her girlfriend. So do I. I don't care for Rhonda, but we have exactly one thing in common. We are both vagitarians.
by scenario1 steve September 09, 2007