Someone who only likes vagina and/or only "eats" vagina.
Samantha: *Laughs* I bet you like them two black gay guys.

Alex: Nope, I'm a Vagitarian
by Wubbs March 11, 2009
someone who eats alot of vagina
That guy is such a vagitarian...he went down on me FIVE TIMES last night!
by Mara B. August 09, 2005
Strictly liking or licking vagina.
Gay guy: Can I toss your salad?

Strait Guy: Sorry dude, I'm strictly a vagitarian.
by Vagina guy January 10, 2010
Anyone, straight or gay, who likes to "Dine at the 'Y'".
Yeah man, I was down there for half an hour, I'm a total Vagitarian!

Yep, those two chicks there, total Vagitarians. Hey sister!
by Dozer42 June 30, 2012
Slang term for a lesbian, referring to a womans penchant for performing cunnilingus
KD Lang is a Vagitarian
by XC-Q July 10, 2008
Any person having an oral fixation towards a female.
Rhonda loves her girlfriend. So do I. I don't care for Rhonda, but we have exactly one thing in common. We are both vagitarians.
by scenario1 steve September 09, 2007
He, or she, (definately me,) who is in the frequent practice of eating, pussy vagina. NOT COCK!
I enjoy eating pussy so much, I am considered a vagitarian.
by FRISKE December 07, 2006

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