one who eats only organic vagina.
sally doesn't like dick, she likes jane; she is a strict vagitarian.
by kristen renae July 07, 2003
An individual who consumes nothing but vagina and water. Some have been creative enough to come up with ideas such as fish tacos, vagi-delite, and vagi-burgers to obtain an essential diet.
Fortunately for Gabe, the new In&Out burger serves vagi-burgers and he will not have to break his vagitarian commitment.
by craftjay April 14, 2008
noun. Person that is only interested sexually in females.
While Curtis could swing both ways, Troy was only interested in the ladies, he is a Vagitarian.
by Kris Potter December 29, 2008
A man who only has sex with females.
Ever since I discovered squirters, I'm a bigger vagitarian than ever now.
by $hIti0T July 05, 2014
n. homosexual female; lesbian
When I saw Brenda kissing Suzy, it surprised me; I had no idea she's a vagitarian.
by Magpie9 January 28, 2009
Somebody who only eats pussy
I'm on a Vagitarian diet, and my old lady is raggin', figure i'll earn my redwings this weekend
by LUPO in maine May 18, 2008
He, or she, (definately me,) who is in the frequent practice of eating, pussy vagina. NOT COCK!
I enjoy eating pussy so much, I am considered a vagitarian.
by FRISKE December 07, 2006

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