This term describes any individual, male or female, that is interested in all sexual things pertaining to the vagina and the vagina only.
"Is he a vagitarian, or do you think he swings both ways?"
by Jillian S 82 July 28, 2006
Top Definition
Opposite of penivore.
My dietary choice complements that of my girlfriend - I am strictly vagitarian whereas she is 100% penivore.
by Sir Douche August 06, 2006
One whose sexual diet consists exclusively of vagina. One who only eats "pussy". Can be heterosexual male or homosexual female.

Slang: "Vage" (rhymes with badge)
Sally: "Oh, I'm sorry Bob, you're really cute and all, but I'm a vagitarian."

Bob: "That's cool, I'm a vage too!"
by sloan14 March 22, 2005
A person who's diet consists of Hair Pie, Bearded Clams and Pink/Fish Tacos
by Rick September 02, 2003
One who sups at the furry cup and does not like the taste of man flesh.
I asked her to eat my meat, but she turned out to be vagitarian.
by Rover May 01, 2003
A hetero sexual male or a lesbian. One who eats only vaginas.
He's not bi, he's a strict vagitarian.
by Thrakamazog May 15, 2003
One who enjoys servicing the sexual organs of females; enjoys making women have multiple orgasms; loves to eat pootie on a regular basis, making girls cum
My wife said I was quite the Vagitarian after going down on her for a solid hour.
by ssurfcity March 10, 2011
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