Taken orally to decrease brain cells. Also, Eric Cartmans NASCAR sponsor.
Commercial: When a woman isn't feeling her freshest, she turns to Vagisil

Cartman: Goddammit another Vagisil commercial!!?

Commercial: .......to stop feminie itching and relieve vaginal odors.

Butters: All those ladies have stinky vaginas?!
by ThaBigCheesy October 09, 2010
Top Definition
Cunt Cream

Nothing else but pure twat relif

OOF! barbera, i had a nasty itch but this cunt cream seems to have sorted it

oh really? whats it called

umm... vagisil
by Loserboy (richard rees) August 10, 2006
vagisil is a comfort
vagisil is lightly scented
vagisil is widely recognized as a U.S. brand leader in the feminine hygiene product market
vagisil is played by william shatner
vagisil is the name
vagisil is monostat's arch enemy
vagisil is for yeast infections and not stds o_o and i'm sorry i have neither
vagisil is a creme designed to relieve "feminine itching" and imagine putting something down there that you are
Vagisil is so effective that often times you will only need half a tube. Then you can make your money back from e-bay.
by Tha_Cuddla April 18, 2004
Bengay for the va-jay-jay
I've been itching all day, its time for the vagisil"
by 2 sick pups June 01, 2011
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