when one gets tiny vaginas all over his body from acting like a coward
He would not go through a yellow light, he must be coming down with a case of vaginitis.
by annonymus February 20, 2005
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when a guy complains about small injuries, and he is acting like a pussy and needs to suck it up and play like a champ, he is suffering from vaginitis. symptoms may include owies, booboos, and saying things like "ow my _____ hurts." common cures are a slap to the face or a verbal beating until he recovers.
"Ouch, my knee really hurts from when i fell"
"Oh yea, must be the vaginitis. Quit crying, its fourth down"
by chacho January 26, 2006
When a person stops eating meat and starts gettin little vagina sores all over their body, then suddenly one day...they turn into a giant pussy
dude, you're gonna get vaginitis if u don't start eating meat
by PigBenis2010 June 20, 2005
1. n. Inflammation of the vagina. Also called colpitis.

2. n. not literally referring to a medical ailment, but rather an attitudinal condition in which one is acting like a vagina: usually refers to men taking on female characteristics such as weakness or symptoms resembling those of female P.M.S.
1. I need to go to the gynecologist to see if I have vaginitis

2. a.

Bruce: Ow! I scraped me knee! Ow ow ow!

Steve: Wow, Bruce... how's the vaginitis treating you?

b. Bruce: Will you MOVE?! I feel bloated!!!

Steve: SOMEONE has a severe case of vaginitis...

by Rachel Woodhouse November 30, 2006
The disease of being a pussy
Tyler why are you being such a pussy?
Do you have vaginitis?
by Average Joe's October 11, 2010
When a person breaks out in Sores that look like vaginas, they get more numerous until that person becomes just one big giant pussy.

Generally caught when a man acts so much like a pussy it causes him to catch the infections.
Dude, if he doesn't want to go one that Roller coaster he must have Vaginitis
by Southparkiscool August 26, 2009
is a circumstance when I male acts like little girl, or, can be used to call someone out for not doing what you would like them to do.
If your friend can't go out to the bar because his girlfriend won't let him, and someone asks where he is, you say he has vaginitis so he can't come out.
by Luke Olson October 12, 2006
1. the inflammation of the female genitalia
2. a disorder infecting one who's immediate actions may reflect those of a pussy
My friend only drank one beer and he puked, what a case of vaginitis.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003

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