Verb: To menstruate. A shedding of the uterine lining once a month.
Once a month, every young woman vaginates
by Marissa and Lauren January 15, 2008
Top Definition
To gravitate towards a particular person or situation because your pussy wants it so bad, even, and perhaps - especially - when your brain knows it's not a good idea.
I promised myself I wouldn't go up to my ex at the party last night, but I totally vaginated straight to him.
by Emelda Moncelet January 29, 2009
To vaginally secrete so much that you need four million matresses.
The new Coldplay album makes me vaginate. Can someone get me another mattress?
by Thene June 24, 2005
v. To crawl back up into one's mother. To return to the uterus.
Jimmy decided to vaginate on me. Can't believe I didn't see it coming.
by jdolan February 03, 2005
The ability a woman has to seduce and dominate with the power of her pussy.
I'd like to take you to the backseat of my car and vaginate you.

That chick is so hot. I wouldn't mind being vaginated by her.

Her powers of vagination are so strong, I don't even mind having to cuddle with her.

Dude one: Let's go hit the bar tonight.

Dude two: Can't. Hanging with my girl.

Dude one: Shit, man. That bitch has got you vaginated!
by you'llknow December 19, 2011
When a man acts like such a puss that his penis instantly turns into a vagina
Chris was such a pussy playing football that he vaginated on the spot
by darellhammer315 January 25, 2011
vag referring to the word vagina,vaginate is another word for squirting/cumming something in which a female does at the height of an orgasm. spewing out colorless liquid.
girl will be on top and will fuck the guy until shes about to cum/vaginate then will jump off his dick immediately and sit on the guys face and blast him right in the eyes. which will ultimately blind him. then she will punch him in the dick and run off. the guy will then get eye replacement surgery and frequently see dead people like Jessica Alba.
by Ari Hall & Bryan Bryce June 18, 2008
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