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to be afraid of getting pussy or to be offered pussy on a plate but decline the offer for reasons not known to your mates
1-"So did you fuck that bitch last night or what, she was all over you"
2-"nah man i had to head back home y'know"
1-"head back home??what the fucks wrong with you limpdick, you suffering from acute vaginaphobia??"
by Jack Creith July 21, 2005
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the fear of a vagina anywhere near you
david: hey sam, did you hear about simon's vaginaphobia?
sam: what the fuck, that dude must be gay if hes got vaginaphobia!
david: man, i heard you had vaginaphobia
sam: urm no? im not gay dude
by femaleboss123lol December 29, 2013
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