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A menstrual ejection. When a woman is menstruating, and she queefs a blood clot.
I was giving your mom a donkey punch when she popped a vaginal blood fart.
by Uncle Funkalunkel October 10, 2003
A vaginal fart that occurs while a lady is menstruating.
A: Did you go down on her?

B: No way, she's the queen of vaginal bloodfarts.
by mesolimbo April 15, 2005
a very grotesque term. not sure if it has any actually meaning. fun thing to say.
god dammit john your such a vaginal blood fart
by SUBsequent01 January 22, 2014
When the vagina farts and a little squirt of blood comes out
hey everybody i had my first vaginal blood fart expeirience
by chuck mangeoni December 23, 2006
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