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Sweet tasting, often milky or off white goo that oozes from the vagina during the course of the day/night.

Leaves small stains in the gusset of women's knickers. The amount can vary from woman to woman and is also directly linked to the amount of arousal experienced over a given time.

*Not to be confused with any fluid involving semen - the female minge removes this quickly and this fluid is known as: Creampie crust or simply - spunk

Often girls out on the town getting pissed and on the hunt for meat will experience more discharge than someone watching tv soaps or doing the washing. This is why when pulling off a pair of womens snatch warmers the gusset will stick to the goo as you peel them off - worth a sniff if it's still moist....
As Felch picked up his room mates thong he was attracted to the milky crust she'd left behind - a quick lick and a sniff satisfied his curiosity - it was good ol' vaginal discharge - aka - pussy milk / flange fluid / vag gunk
by M.Powers February 27, 2006
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someone who is being disagreeable or unlike their usual fun self

someone who elicits a disgusting reaction similar to the way one would react to this bodily secretion.
You are being vaginal discharge right now.

Senario: AT THE CLUB

Friend 1: "I don't want to take that shot. I wanna go home."

Friend 2: "You know what? You are you being a vaginal discharge."

Friend 1: (now vaginal discharge) exits the club.

Friend 2: continues to have a ball a fun at the club without vaginal discharge.
by raelou May 16, 2011
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a cum-like fluid that always comes out of the vagina after a girl's first period.
i hate discharge. it ruins my panties & it sucks!
by asian nympho December 04, 2004
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Vaginal Discharge, The act of when a woman discharges fluid from he vagina, be it vaginal fluid, blood, sperm(only after she has just has sex with a man, it can come back out)This occurence of discharge can happen for many reason orgasm being to opened from many instances of sex. In short you want to keep away from the vaginal discharge it's not a pleasent thing.
Marry just vaginally discharged all over franks face, he was so angry he shot is wad in her eye and she went blind.
by masta stokes March 24, 2003
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by Anonymous February 07, 2003
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Some one who is a jack-off, pussy, lame, and/or just a pimple on thee ass of society.
by Jordon Renn April 14, 2008
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(n.) a discharge of vaginal spices from the females private orphasis in a time of climax.
(v.) someone who is being a real douche. or someone who is overly homosexual.
(n.)dude last night valerie let out the biggest vaginal discharge while we were intercourse.
(v.)Briton was such a vaginal discharge today when he dressed up like a fucking chick.
by Gibby Beanland November 09, 2005
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