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good; really good; tight; sweet; dank; good like sweet flower blossom aromas, sunshine, wine, weed; as good as, or almost as good as, having sex with some fresh tang; a girlfriend who is fine and not a pussy-pedestaling-bitch can be said to be vaginacious
hey what's that musky smell?
yo, it's this vaginacious bud i just picked up.
mmmmmm... so dank you can smell it through the bag.
yea let's smoke some.

babe you blew my mind with your thundercock this morning....i have been floating in a vaginacious glow all day

how is your garden doing?

my tomatoes and sunflowers are vaginacious!

that was the most vaginacious sex ever last night- my pussy was so tight from yoga all this week!
i'll say honey! what postures have you been doing?

he gave the most vaginacious head last night!

dude their new album is so vaginacious it fucking blew my mind
by LemursLoveFlowers November 25, 2011
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