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another way of saying "man-whore" or "player"
Brook: "Joe slept with another girl again!"

Emily: "ya hes such a vagina dog."
by rawrrawr666 June 12, 2011
A hotdog that has been cooked in a microwave until it splits down the middle. The center is then filled with mustard, mayonaise or your favorite sauce.
We were going to roast some wienies, but since we had no matches and no buns we decided to pop them into the microwave and make vagina-dogs.
by Handy Fuse February 14, 2008
someone who is completely afraid of something and they shouldn't be.... A complete and total pussy when it comes to something that isn't at all that scary.....
Screaming over an insect makes you a complete and total vagina dog.... Seriously what is so scary about a bug???
by ninjamonkeyz July 13, 2009