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A male who lacks testosterone.
Take this shot you vagina pancake!

Go talk to that girl, quit being a vagina pancake!
by lolodb February 08, 2007
29 17
What your special lady requests for breakfast when she's half asleep.
"What do you want me to make you for breakfast in the morning dear?" says the man. "Vagina pancakes," she replies. They both giggle.
by Robisgod November 02, 2008
3 7
When a woman spreads her legs and lowers herself to the floor about a foot away and kegel's a vagina blood clot and it splatters on the floor in a circle shape screaming " AH HA A VAGINA PANCAKE!!!"
Fuck you Bubbs I'm gonna splatter your face with a vagina pancake!!!!
by Wuksouless June 03, 2011
1 6