A guy that acts very emotional like a girl in a relationship. He worries if his girlfriend doesn't pick up, or text back. He is very attached, and is the girl in the relationship.
Man, he is such a vaginaface! He has already sent me 3 texts about how I don't text him back often.!

Your such a vaginaface. Grow some balls dude.
by HotnSpicy January 01, 2011
Top Definition
"V" is for Vagina Face!

"Vagina Face". Alone, it may sound silly, but combined with a nifty hand sign, it's unstoppable!

Make a "V" with your index and middle finger and place the tips of your fingers over your eyes (finger nails out). Your nose should be in the middle of the V. Much like the "I've got my eye's on you" gesture, but without the follow up pointing. Just a V over your face. with this little move, you can now call your office buddy "vagina face", and no one will be the wiser!

Forget "the bird", give 'em the "V"!
Just so my co-worker knows I care, I shoot him the "V" for "Vagina Face" at the office all the time. This way, he knows that he's a Vagina Face without all the HR complications that would result in speaking it out loud in front of others. The words need not be said, the hand signal says it all... "V" is for Vagina Face!
by Spidey - GDC4L April 10, 2007
means a person has a face or a part of their face that looks like a vagina. made up by two awesome kids who were horrified to find that their evil bus driver subsitute had a vagina face.
Ew that old lady has a vagina face.
by imcoolerthanurmom February 25, 2005
one who has a face shaped like a vagina.
Bob: sabrina's face looks like a vagina.
Steve: what a vaginaface!
by Miss Glitterfuck January 25, 2006
To have a face with a Vagina on it.
Alternatively, to have a face resembling a vagina. This includes facial hair, large lips, and, of course, acne resembling a clitoris.
Matt has SUCH a vagina face! I swear I feel like I have to show proof of ID just to look at him!
by Herr Vet Kont December 13, 2010
a derogatory way of referring to a female
example 1:

guy 1: hey you see that vagina face over there
guy 2: hell yeah i would put it in her mouth
guy 1: most def!

example 2:

guy 1: i need to get me some vagina face
guy 2: yeah you do! when was the last time you had a girl?
guy 1: shiiiit
by Kacktastic April 29, 2010
A person of sorts who resembles a vagina in the face. Not the type of person to associate with.
Ex. Cris Stoner
Ex. Hey look at the vagina face, I bet he likes the good dick.
by dickerydickerydoo March 18, 2015
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