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A localised hair deposit that grows over your sternum causing a hairy triangle or diamond shape resembling the hair over a woman's vagina.
Tristan: Shit Steggs what's going on with your chest hair?

Steggs: Thats how my chest rolls.

Tristan: Looks like you've got a little vagina chest going on there.

Famous Vagina Chests: Rove McManus, Steggs & Ashton Kutcher.
by D-Track May 15, 2008
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A slang term for the indented type sternum of a person. This indent clearly resembles a vagina
Man #1: Dude, check it out looks like Todd over there's got some indent in his chest. I've never seen that before, weird

Man #2: Back in Minnesota we'd call that a Vagina chest.

Man #1: You Betcha
by DigitalSaintTopherson September 11, 2008

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