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The private pubic area located in the nether region of the female body Down Town.
With a wink, she asked if he was going "Down Town" on her vagina later.
by Nick-o June 15, 2007
The plural form of vagina. Vaginae is also acceptable.
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
In a male's lifetime, it is his overall goal to obtain this object. In many societies, after a male captures and tames this object he is praised and also looked down upon for stretching it out.
"hey bill, i heard sindy let you get a look at her vagina."
Bill begins to run...
by the bacon patrol July 06, 2010
The only thing worth living for.
you can use it to cream pie a girl.
some guys enjoy "eating" it but others prefer to "touch" it. Personally i just like to stick my magic stick in.
Man Amber has a nice vagina.
by yaaaaah October 27, 2008
Christ between thighs
"Dude, I slammed that vagina last nite."
by colin raymond February 12, 2010
The greatest thing known to mankind
Joe's beastly dick banged Jennifers vagina.
by SkullKing111 November 15, 2009
A lady's sexual part.
A vagina is used for sexual intercourse.
by wills0 June 23, 2010