In Economics: a form of payment, and accepted in more places than Visa.
I'll pay for that beer with my Vagina.
by Aeltrius December 02, 2009
a type of water gun
I shot my friend with my vagina.
by Thrilleontop July 10, 2008
The instrument that women have used and will continue to use to take advantage of men. The primary source of female power.

Men invented and built the modern world. Then women used the power of the pussy to trick men into handing it over to them.

Did you know that women are wealthier than men?
Without their tits and vaginas, a women would have much less influence.
by Alpha Newman October 05, 2008
a way of breaking the silence in a crowded room.
by Gallagher77B September 28, 2008
Female genetalia. Has an opening in which the male penis can be inserted. Is also the opening through which the baby leaves the female body. When sexually aroused, the vagina becomes moist allowing easier penetration.
Biology teacher: "Can anyone tell me the function of the vagina?"

Schoolboy sniggering from all around.
by Stormsworder March 28, 2007
the best thing known to man
i fucking worship vagina. i'd like to liv in 1.
by fucksoid April 24, 2005
Vagina is the gateway to paradise and heaven or could be the gateway to child support and depression. You never know, so becareful guys and now you may "Enter the Dragon." Wait, fuck the dragon and "Enter the Vagina." Much better.
by Grand Master Cocky December 08, 2009

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