Something Tewkesbury will never get.
Tewkesbury will attempt at getting some vagina, but he will fail miserablly...
by Tewkes44 July 14, 2006
The piece of skin that makes one unintelligent.
omg you have a vagina? i knew there was a reason why i was better then you
by Jew Kosher Crew December 24, 2006
1. A burial hole for deceased elves that looks like the mouth of the alien from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film "The Predator."
1.King Solomon fished out of the vagina because he fancied an imaginary fuck.

2.Teddy bear wore a vagina mask to scare little Andy into dirtying his breeches.
by Lilmisspissypants March 29, 2006
a synonym for cell phone.
-Let there be light!
-Augh, get your vagina out of my face!
by NotSylvieAtAll March 04, 2008
Something that females have that make them retarded and makes them not make sense. Can also make them a bitch once a month. Doesnt apply to all
This is how some humans with vaginas act:
Man:Hey honey i love you

*1 hour later*
Woman:I'm sorry
by Tiago0207 August 01, 2008
A girl's sexual organ that we dirty men can get thier penises in
"Oh johnny, i love the way you stick your penis in my vagina"

"Hey jane, you love the way i stick my penis in your vagina, so we make babies".
by ben February 28, 2005
Used for sex, oral sex, squeezing out a baby and spreading genital herpies
I shoved my dick in her vagina after I orally stimulated it and gave her my herpies, then in 9 months a baby popped out.
by Gman1433 May 25, 2005

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