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A woodland creature the size of an antelope but much smaller. Covered from head to toe in shag carpeting, it is capable of moving at speeds of over two miles per hour. Over time it has evolved the hind legs of a steam shovel. A timid creature, it is rarely seen during the day. At night it ventures forth, using its long proboscis to seek out nourishment. It feeds exclusively on honey.
Me and Jimbo went'a Vagina huntin' the other day...
by You'betcha October 24, 2006
what you are allowed to symbolically brand men who do girly things
Steve: Well I was hoping to get a small Toyota Camry, basically stock for the gas mileage.
John: STFU you get 2 vaginas for that
by Bob Saccameno April 01, 2007
the thing between my legs. a bird which can flap it's wings and fly away at any time.
1. gimme a kiss on the lips.
3. the vagina felt so empty.
2. addam was feeling bored, until eve came along and he poked fun at her.
3. stick it.

"she was shopping for cucombers the other day."
by igotscrewed June 05, 2006
The box nuts come in.
what did your nuts come in last night? a vagina
by kream the vanilla dream February 10, 2008
Why are you looking up 'vagina' on urban dictionary?
So immature.
Get your mind out of the gutter.
and quit looking up vagina.
by J. Fore August 11, 2008
A Box a Penis Cums in!
I stuck my dick in her vagina and in 10 seconds it made me cum!
by B S S January 23, 2007
sissy boy, faggot, punk. usually said to someone who is scared, another way/"nicer way" of calling someone a pussy.
•ok. ok il do it,
•hell no not me!
•aww your such a vagina!
by danickelina May 06, 2007