An acidic wormhole to another dimension. It also has fangs.
Did your phone get sucked up in your vagina again?
by fireguardiancoty July 18, 2008
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The thing teenage boys think about most of the day; A cure for the melancholy; a way to express dominance over the female race which is tantamount to rape.
Vagina!!! -Screams uncontrollably-

I think it's time for my daily dose of vagina!

I'm gonna teach that bitches vagina a lesson...
by Morphing December 14, 2009
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why in the hell are you looking up vagina on urban dictionary?
you obviously have a vagina
by logiccccc December 27, 2011
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A different way to call someone a pussy.
Jim: "I'm not playing COD anymore! There are just too many fucking hackers!"
Jon: "Stop being such a vagina! Grow a pair, will you?"
by Remlap1223 April 20, 2010
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A slice of heaven that god hands to all women when they are born and says " Here can you hold on to this piece of heaven for me?"
God: Hey, can you hang on to this piece of heaven i call a vagina?
Girl: Well of course!
by Nikelite26 March 12, 2014
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Last night I inserted my penis in to a women's vagina
by Pengu3k July 29, 2014
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The best fuckin bouncy house you'll ever find, made by the pilgrims to bring joy to the little Indian babies. A fun warm place shared by many, bouncing to hard in this bouncy house galore may spawn angry beavers to bite your privates.
Damn, that's one high quality vagina Im tryna bounce in that bitch all night. DEWD! watch out that beavers gonna bite your pecker!
by Steven Dacquisto January 23, 2012
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