Another name for food..
hmmm i think catey mayhew should go get some vagina
by Danns pee pee March 11, 2010
The body part all boys wish they had and all girls are proud of
A girl wearing a skirt kicked the boy in the balls. As he was on his knees holding his balls in pain, he looked up at her. The girl lifted her skirt; she had no underwear on, and the boy could clearly see her vagina opening. He immediately envied her vagina, which never hurt as much as his balls did when kicked.
by Inferior Boy September 16, 2006
Monkey in a canoe
I like your little monkey in the canoe!, or is it your vagina?
by Russhole May 09, 2016
the worlds best motor, its self lubricating fits any size piston and changes its oil once a moth, the only problem is the management system is very temperamental and requires a lot of attention.
That vagina runs great except when the management sytem want to be a bitch.
by just ecause I CaN December 31, 2015
The best funhouse God created.
When I insert my penis inside Megan Fox's vagina, I can not but thank God.
by pervart September 15, 2014
The one thing that has killed billions yet doesnt get punished for it. the thing men fight most about and has caused many wars. we spend our lifes trying to find one to stick our dicks in it. stick your dick in one and find out why hahah.damn they feel nice when your cock is in it. but where theres a pro there is a con and that is wait 9 months and it sucks your life to pieces. also usually every one month it goes through a bizarre ritual which turn women into bitches.
remeber you can smell the pussy, touch the pussy, fuck the pussy, see the pussy, but dont ever marry the pussy
vaginas get one now
by vagina fucker9595 December 01, 2012
The gate way to human pleasure. Don't get to excited about that. It does come at a terrible price known as a women.
I entered the vagina and paid the price. I was nagged and bitched at all day.
by badgerman5566 January 29, 2011
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