the magical tunnel of joy where everything is great. but if lube is not applied and the male gets too excited both them and the partner will catch on fire ... and continue there intercourse because they don't care about the fire.
oh god ... were on fire, butttt we dont care

by whythehellwouldinotdothis? March 09, 2011
WOW who the fuck looks this up! if u do ur probaly expecting a picture or some shit!
she has a vagina
i liked her vagina
i put my penis in her vagina
by tevion123456789 September 23, 2010
The lukeworm hole in the girls crotch.


The Lukeworm hole in the crotch where the women is formed around.
You see that womens crotch?

Yeah thats a vagina.
by W1SC0NS1N April 10, 2010
where girls love to spend to their time
my girl loves to stay the nite with my vagina
by best lesbians March 09, 2009
The sex organ of a female, leading from a woman's external genitals to the cervix of the uterus. During sexual intercourse, a man's penis (male sexual organ protruding from his crotch) must be inserted into the vagina and thrusted up and down to stimulate the female.
While having sex with my boyfriend, I felt him tracing my vagina with the tip of his tongue.

He thrust his penis into her vagina during sexual intercourse.
by nipplesex December 08, 2011
credit card slot
vagina, credit card slot, pussy
by my-sweet-flower April 21, 2011
A vagina is something you'll never get if you spend your time looking up the word vagina on Urban Dictionary.
guy: What you do all day?
other guy: I went on the internet and looked of the definition to vagina
guy:......fag *walks away*
by Mr Noris February 17, 2011

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