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A death trap more sinister than heroin, meth, and a gambling addiction combined.
Jack: did you hear about what happened to Phil?

Bob: Shit yeah dude. He fell into a vagina and it killed him.

Jack: I tried to warn him, but they never fucking listen.
by Jo Dizzle May 02, 2013
what will cause the fall of men
"dude vaginas are awesome"
"did you know that troy went to war over a vagina?'
"yeah and they all died"
"oh damn.."
by dfa0306 March 11, 2013
The best fuckin bouncy house you'll ever find, made by the pilgrims to bring joy to the little Indian babies. A fun warm place shared by many, bouncing to hard in this bouncy house galore may spawn angry beavers to bite your privates.
Damn, that's one high quality vagina Im tryna bounce in that bitch all night. DEWD! watch out that beavers gonna bite your pecker!
by Steven Dacquisto January 23, 2012
The gate way to human pleasure. Don't get to excited about that. It does come at a terrible price known as a women.
I entered the vagina and paid the price. I was nagged and bitched at all day.
by badgerman5566 January 29, 2011
Another name for food..
hmmm i think catey mayhew should go get some vagina
by Danns pee pee March 11, 2010
The body part all boys wish they had and all girls are proud of
A girl wearing a skirt kicked the boy in the balls. As he was on his knees holding his balls in pain, he looked up at her. The girl lifted her skirt; she had no underwear on, and the boy could clearly see her vagina opening. He immediately envied her vagina, which never hurt as much as his balls did when kicked.
by Inferior Boy September 16, 2006
The female genitalia that produces babies and period blood and great sex.

However you should NOT call it:
Squish mitten
happy hole
tight squeeze
Ham wallet
dick hug
or finger hug
The squeeze that pees
fuck bucket
yogurt cup
the Chum tube
the tube with lube
The Tip Pit
the butter pump
The churning urn
the not-a-cat
The slime time
the baby vender
The Stick n’ Slide
Asshole: Hey pretty lady, lemme' see your pussy.

Lady: I left my cat at home, you creep.

Asshole: Bitch, I meant your vagina.
Lady: Fuck off, and leave me alone you disrespectful fuckface.

*Asshole walks away, and the lady has a peaceful night*
by I Hate Me Too March 29, 2014