The thing that will at some point take over a straight man's (or lesbian woman's. Depends how you roll) life.
Man 1: Remember when we were little and played games and stuff?
Man 2: Yea, that was great.
Man 1: Yea...what the hell happened?
Man 2: We discovered vagina.
by alex says 97 July 19, 2010
The black hole between women's legs that sucks all common sense from men, forcing them to do its every bidding.
Girl: "Can I have a ride?"

Guy: "No."
Girl: "Please? I'll have to walk 6 miles..."

Guy: "Tough shit."
Girl: "...I'll have sex with you."
Guy: *Picks up girl, throws her in the car, jumps into the drivers seat and peals off at speeds his car had never before reached leaving a flaming trail behind him*

Who runs the world? Girls.

Why? Because they have vaginas.
by Fatass Sumo July 21, 2014
A slice of heaven that god hands to all women when they are born and says " Here can you hold on to this piece of heaven for me?"
God: Hey, can you hang on to this piece of heaven i call a vagina?
Girl: Well of course!
by Nikelite26 March 12, 2014
A death trap more sinister than heroin, meth, and a gambling addiction combined.
Jack: did you hear about what happened to Phil?

Bob: Shit yeah dude. He fell into a vagina and it killed him.

Jack: I tried to warn him, but they never fucking listen.
by Jo Dizzle May 02, 2013
The pleasurable part of the female that can be fingered, banged, fucked, sucked, etc.
Fuck that vagina!
by djwan August 07, 2012
If you have one you're never wrong.
She has a vagina, therefore she is never wrong.
by stud_muffin March 31, 2015
A meat wallet also known as milkeybrew
did you see that vagina shaman
by typeo August 22, 2014

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