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Vagina is a type of fish dish known for it's delectable moistness and faint fishy taste. It is served with a clear watery sauce and traditionally eaten without the use of hands or any utensils.
"How come you never let me eat vagina anymore? Yours is so good!"
by Dr. Billy Ecstencil October 17, 2011
A penis' bestfriend.
Curtis put his penis into Jill's vagina and had fun for hours.
by Sexyman15 August 05, 2011
a female part to look at when female is wearing a little or no clothes
a man walks into a bar and looks at a female wearing booty shorts, the female says : what are you looking at?. the man says: at your vagina, duh!!!
by shawn gs August 12, 2006
1. cat flaps
2. ass mate
3. furburger
4. bunky
5. coochie
6. muff
7. pussy
8. grumble
9. hooha
10. poonany
11. beef curtains
12. chuff
13. wunder down under
14. cock holster
15. gash
16. beaver
17. fanny
18. cooter
19. bergina
20. hush puppy
21. southern belle
22. cunt
23. honey pot
24. axe/hatchet wound
25. cherry pop
26. flower
27. vertical smile
28. bearded oyster
29. hooch
30. panty hamster
31. bearded clam
32. honeysuckle
33. vertical bacon sandwich
34. lick-me-please-me
35. passion fruit
36. minge
37. crotch
38. nooky
39. quim
40. pink taco
41. vajayjay
42. slash
43. snatch
44. velcro triangle
45. tongue magnet
46. Vag
47. beefbox
48. slit
49. twat
50. poon-tang
51. Bermuda triangle
52. mud flaps
53. poon
54. bikini bizkit
55. hole
56. box
57. hairy goblet
58. cha-cha
59.cock pocket
60. cock socket
61.fish taco
63.bald man in a boat
64.badly wrapped kebab
65.meat wallet
66.birth cannon
67.the promised land
68.hot pocket
69.soggy box
70.pink velvet sausage wallet

71. eye of pleasure
That booty is right by the vagina.
by erinisalesbian November 25, 2013
The pleasurable part of the female that can be fingered, banged, fucked, sucked, etc.
Fuck that vagina!
by djwan August 07, 2012
Used where one normally uses "Pussy" to mean "someone who is weak or cowardly". An intentional misunderstanding of the slang term for comedic effect.
"I am a vagina when it comes to horror movies."

"You're scared of heights? Dude, don't be such a vagina."
by Tropolist April 24, 2009
A meat wallet also known as milkeybrew
did you see that vagina shaman
by typeo August 22, 2014