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the mixture that forms when a guy mixes his cum with the blood from a girl's period
Duuuuude.... last night Lola was on her period so I had her put a cup under her vag to collect her blood. Once it was half full, I came in the cup and we made vagina pudding.
by takemeorleaveme14 December 01, 2010
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This certain item is when the UPS guy comes inside your house and shits on your floor. Now why the hell would he do that? Becuase of Vagina Pudding! Buy it at your nearest Vagi-Mart. No need to use the butthole anymore! Vagina Pudding puts your vagina to the test!

Also used when a man shits into the vagina of a woman.
"Hey man I heard that UPS guy shit on your floor."
"Who cares, I use Vagina Pudding too."

"Hey did you give Mary a vagina pudding yet?"
"No, the dumb bitch went to a fucking barn and had a baby named Jesus. I think I'll give jesus a Vagina Pudding when he is about 33 and has no idea who i am."
by Jesus4Brains October 13, 2007

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