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1. A fat, wrinkly, saggy, old vagina.
2. Disformed vagina.
2. A diss
sally - shut up you ugly disgusting vagina monster!
by remah August 22, 2006
a very tight vagina that doesnt let penis in much
Trevor:oh my god charlie is a vagina monster
by cholayy May 08, 2008
A creature that has a voice like Samuel Jackson (mutha fucka), a bald head, a mustache, and a trident. He has lots of fangs, a beer belly, and a A-shirt with both kinds of "gravy stains." He has a chode, (definition here meaning wider than long so that it looks like some type of deformed ham) and has the asshole of a 7 year old. He has a magina on his lower belly that hangs like sleeve of wizard. He is also a lousy retard. It is unclear if this means he is bad at being retarded or just retarded to the point of inactivity.
"Dude, I think that chick gave me crabs last night!" "No, man, I think her vagina monster did one hell of a number on you!"
by Joey the fish July 10, 2008
A woman, usually loose in the old 'wizard's sleeve', who is a complete home-wrecker and whore. A Vagina Monster may lie about being pregnant, engage in fake depression when they aren't getting enough attention, and in general will lie cheat and steal to get what they want. When their plans invariably go wrong, they will blame everyone else.
-"Hey did you hear about her pregnancy? Apparently he fell for it a second time!"
-"That bitch is just the epitome of Vagina Monsters."
by PolaroidBear September 29, 2010
One who has mastered the art of the clitoris
pussy twat eater master pleaser] the man
John" ahhh, catch your breath first, but was it good?...."
Tiffany " babe, you're the vagina monster!"
by Jewbacabra November 14, 2015
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