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(n) Male who incessantly pops his pastel polo collars, talks up his game, acts like a jerk-off, and leeches the freshman vag. Often a fraternity related disorder.
Man, that frat boy sure is a vagina leech, he picked up 3 chicks this weekend!
by rd7 March 02, 2005
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a clingy woman
Any of the main characters from Teen Mom 2.

"Chelsea is being such a vagina leech! She won't leave me alone."
#teen mom #leah #chelsea #janelle #katelyn
by smartin321 February 25, 2013
One who is whipped by someone else and will leech onto the woman's vagina at her beck and call.
Todd is a vagina leech. He'll do whatever I want.
by 2goth2followrools April 01, 2005
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