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This is what occurs when one female becomes jealous of another.
Loretta is the hot new piece around the office, attracting all the guys. Vivian has worked at said office for several years and now receives little attention. Vivian is frustrated at Loretta for this, thus she has vagina envy.
by OneGeoffNation May 14, 2009
When a man envies a woman because she has a vagina and he does not. Similar to penis envy.
Man, I have some serious vagina envy.
by Joe Smith December 03, 2003
When a man is envious of a woman's possession of a vagina; The opposite of penis envy
John just wanted to know what it felt like to have a vagina. He had vagina envy.
by Jiffem July 01, 2015
when a man or woman watches girl on girl porn and wants to join in, leaving him/her jealous.
these pornstars are so hot, id love to bang both of them. I have such vagina envy for the blonde one especially.
by laurence of alaybia February 27, 2011
That feeling that your partners vagina have more fun.

"Oh maaaan, it sucks I got so much vagina envy today, since my sweetey had 10 orgasm, and I had but 1!"
by re4m8edjerkess August 29, 2006
When a man hears about one of his friends sleeping with a woman he is interested in and becomes extremely jealous of the sex his friend enjoyed.
Shawn: Did you hear Steve scored with Isis!?!
Rich: So what who cares!
Shawn: What's your problem?
Alain: He's pink with vagina envy...
Shawn: Ahhh...
by ValmontSJU November 12, 2007
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