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1) A modern day tribute to Old Latin, vagina dentada refers to any female genitalia found containing teeth. Though commonly found in unattractive, unhygenic, and more-often-than-not un-do-able women, it is possible that a sexually attractive woman may in fact have a vagina dentada.

2) Any woman who has a vagina dentada.
1) That chick was so fugly, I bet she had a vagina dentada.

2) Kyle: Dude, how'd things go with that hot chick you picked up at the club last night?

Jake: She looked so hot, but when we got back to my place I discovered she was a vagina dentada.
by finnishdude January 31, 2007
When a vagina has teeth!
I went down on Haley and she had Vagina Dentada !
by Abbicakes July 19, 2010