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a soon to be released sandwich at burgerking, made with only the best beef from the rear of the female cow. Created after the great success with the cockmeat sandwich. my be ordered as the clit combo.
customer: "I'll take a sweet tea and a vagina burger please."
Drive thru attendant: " Oh im sorry those have not yet been released at this resteraunt."
customer: " No!! I've been craving some vagina all day! Oh well i guess i could still get some from your mom."
by mr corndog October 17, 2008
26 24
a swear word, so perverse, so nonsensical, and so super-fly that it will pretty much dominate any other swear and make anyone who hears it wet their pants INSTANTANEOUSLY.
(awkward silence) "vagina burger!" (awkwarder silence)

"awww, vagina burger."


"hey vagina burger, i'm sorry to hear about your brother dying and shit."
by joe queer-beer November 18, 2007
24 31