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A number equaling roughly 3.1 billion or the world female population.
"Hey buddy, forget about her. There are like a vagillion other girls out there!"
by Dannyboy July 02, 2004
A word used to express the highest amount possible: a number which is equal to all female sexual reproductive organs that ever were and ever will be (past, present, and future) including humans, animals, and plant life.
"There are a vagillion things I'd rather be doing right now than Calculus homework."
by The Mighty Ashphrodite February 11, 2009
Vagillion-the best number ever, also the highest. Pertains to when a number is so high it makes your vagina bleed.
that chick that won the loterry won like a vagillion dollars and she bleed everywhere.
by alliezandra January 05, 2008
Vagillion - n. a million vaginas or in reference to a lot of women.
Damn did you check out that hoodrat farm? There was a sick vagillion there.
by Christopher Quach October 10, 2007
Short for vagina million. It refers to a the most amount of money a woman could conceivably earn without the help of a male. It actually only equates to about $300,000, in real money terms.
Dude, I made like a vagillion dollars on the stock exchange this month.

Dave "How much the car cost you?"
Steve "like a vagillion dollars"
by sexyindiehaircut November 25, 2009
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