A vagina that looks like a magicians sleeve
OMG, she's a got a right Vagician!
by Harry-B June 17, 2008
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1. One who is particularly skilled at manipulating the vagina.
2. One who manipulates the reproductive organs of a female as a vocation, such as a gynecologist
"Anna always got all the girls. A master vagician, she could go down for hours"
"After attempting the baseball bat, Sarah thought it would be best to go see her vagician"
by Shafer January 02, 2005
One who can get any women he wants into bed, inevitably without any possibility of going home unsatisfied.
Quote from Family Guy:

Peter: Quagmire is a vagician... he practices vagic.
by Vagic January 15, 2012
Someone versed in the art of the vagina; So good in bed that it's magical; As if they were using vag-magic.
That guys such a Vagician!
You should just get a job as a Vagician.
by AnaBoo January 19, 2012
Any guy that can make a hot girl disappear. Possessing the uncanny ability to cockblock a guy just by walking up and talking.
God damn it Dave! Every time you come around the pussy disappears. A true vagician!
by Hephaestus October 25, 2014
One with seemingly magical abilities coerce females into coitus
So Dave didn't spend any money in the strip club and got driven home by a stripper and banged? That guy is some sort of vagician!
by Hercules45632 January 09, 2012
A kind of magic that one has over a girl's vagina
"My homie Tyrone is an acomplished vagician"
by HarryGordy January 20, 2014
A man who is a magician with a vagina. From Family Guy Season 10: Quagmire and Meg
That guy is a vagician, all the ladies love the vagic he's making.
by eh_Bailey January 16, 2014

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