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One who goes from vagina to vagina without calling one his or her own.
Son, before I met your mother behind the truckstop dumpster, I was just a mullet wearing vagibond.
by Scrapinger January 30, 2005
(vag-i-bond) bits of toilet paper that cling to the labia minora after number one.
As I went down on her, my tongue crossed a sour patch of vagibond.
by GibsMcGurk January 07, 2009
Vagibond ~ When 2 Vagina's are stuck together due to the juices flowing out from the pussy acting like a delicious glue holding them together so you can stick you penis in between them and cum all over like a fountain.
I was reading this doujin and these two chicks totally gave this dude a vagibond.
by TheGai August 23, 2009
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