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one who is a Connoisseur of vaginas, a master of vaginas
that man is a fucking vagenius
by trey d December 22, 2008
1. Someone who gets or understands women.
2. One who understands the female psyche.
3. One who could be said as 'knowing what women are thinking'.
4. Smooth/has a way with the ladies.
1. Dude, he's always got women around him. He must be some kind of Vagenius.

2. Dude! How'd you get her number?!

What Can I say? I'm a vagenius.
by jls07e December 08, 2010
One how excels in all things vagina. A vaginal expert in both knowledge and skills pertaining to the pleasing of said vagina.
She was happily suprised to find that her new companion was a vagenius.
by shiznitoblam November 28, 2011
One who is comfortable with their sexuality as well as their partners. Vagenius is not gender specific nor is it dependant upon ones sexual orientation. A Vagenius knows how to please their partner and how to please themselves.
"That guys is a Vagenius, he gets all the ladies" "My girlfriend makes me feel amazing, she is a Vagenius"
by Vagenius Mike April 13, 2004
An intelligent, chic, and savvy woman who is able to get what she wants out of life by using her vagina.
Wow! Look at the success Lauren has had over the past year, she's such a vagenius!
by DilleyCouture September 16, 2010
A Person who is skillful in the art of helping a women achieve orgasm. Typically a "Vagenius" will be able to aide a woman in squirting regardless of her previous experience.
"Pineda is such a Vagenius! I heard he got his girl to squirt like three times when she never had before."
by MIM P. January 16, 2012
One who is smarter than the average man because they have a vagina vs. one with a penis.
I had to show him how to program the remote because I am a vagenius.
by T~Mac April 02, 2011