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A mutilated penis, partially resembling a vagina.
The eunuch loved to show the crowds his vagenis.
by Oofty February 22, 2007
1. Half vagina, half penis
2. Descriptive word for a person/thing/object
3. A magical genital
Dayummmm Lady GaGa has the hottest vagenis bernar would love to get in with some of that !


"deejay you smell"
"shutup vagenisface"
"sheit tofu tastes like vagenis"

3. "Holy crap denis has a freaking vagenis !"

"i know man.. tish and damo got in with some of that vagenis!"
"Dayuuum what lucky bitches!"
by junja1234 July 12, 2009
Like mangina, vagenis is a term which suggests that one has hybrid genitals. Vagenis is the more flattering of the two suggestions or accusations because it assumes a higher degree of femininity.
If I women has a shoe size between 7-9, she could potentially have a vagenis. If she has a shoe size of 9+, she could potentially have a mangina.
by ( ====D ) August 12, 2009
The term applied to the sexual organs of a shemale.
vagina + penis = vagenis
by superdew October 12, 2004
the reproductive anatomy of a "hipster" not enough male nor female to be either. affording the possessor the latitude to fit into whatever classification suited to the trend of the day.
when i see a keurig in an office, i feel an urge to kick a hipster in his vagenis
by wgzn March 31, 2014
Vagina & Penis mixed.
When you can't tell if someone is a man or woman, also a name for a transvestite. You're such a vagenis dude xD
Guy 1: Omg is that a man or a woman??
Guy 2: I dont know dude, it's a vagenis.

Guy 1: That guy is a transvestite!
Guy 2: Woah dude wtf they must have a VAGENIS!!

by Theresa Marie (Tessa) June 01, 2011
a person that has a vagina and a penis
did you see lady gaga last night at the concert, oh you mean that ugly vagenis!
by ravenman24 January 23, 2011