a vagina and a weiner put together
you have a vageiner haha
by candy November 05, 2003
Top Definition
when a girl has a penis and she tells no one
hey whats that in your pants." oh its just my vageiner."
by jt pedley January 06, 2007
Half weiner, half vagina
Nice dude, lemme see your vageiner
by VageenyWeeney May 15, 2016
Someone or something that is consistently lame.
Harrison has been a Vageiner all week, it's getting old.
by VageinerInventor May 07, 2012
A penis that is fatter than it is long; fat and flat enough that the urethra opening resembles a vagina.
"You sir are a vageiner,"
"So my boyfriend was fingering my vageiner,"
"I cannot physically penetration my girlfriend because my penis is a vageiner".
by Dick Morey January 18, 2011
a vagina that resembles a penis (weiner)
wow em! i never knew you had a vageiner
by ohyeah12345 February 04, 2010
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